UNISEC Ph.D. projects


  • Katharina Fiddeke: Evaluation of AAV vectors encoding the Nucleoprotein as Broadly-Protective Influenza Vaccines.
    Freie Universität Berlin, 2017 Germany  
  • Eva van Doorn: Improving Influenza Prevention.
    January 2018. The Netherlands 
  • Daniel Demminger: Development of AAV vectors as vehicle for broadly-protective influenza vaccine.
    Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, 2018 Germany 
  • Yoshita Bhide: Systematic evaluation of influenza vaccine candidates.
    2018. The Netherlands 
  • Jasmine Tomar: Pulmonary vaccine delivery.
    2018 The Netherlands 
  • Philip Born: Formulation of universal influenza vaccines.
    2018 The Netherlands 
  • Wei Dong: Immunity to influenza virus and vaccines.
    2018. The Netherlands 
  • Kate Guilfoyle Evaluation of protective efficacy of influenza vaccine concepts in the ferret model
    2018 The Netherlands / UK 
  • Gabriela Tapia: In vitro systems for vaccine evaluation
    2018 The Netherlands

Valentina B: Nanoparticle vaccine development.
November 2018. Sweden

Ajibola Omokanye: M2e-specific lung resident memory CD4 T cells.
December 2018. Sweden

Mohammad Arabpour: Targeting of CTA1- to dendritic cells by single chain antibodies.
2019. Sweden