WP8 - Ethical Aspects - Work performed since the beginning of the project

The tasks of WP8 comprised the establishment of an ethics board, the familiarization with ethical regulations for clinical and animal experiments, and the collection of ethical approvals from the partners performing these experiments.

Since regulations for clinical and animal experiments are very different it was decided to split the responsibilities accordingly: Prof. Bob Willfert, University of Groningen, will deal with the clinical trials; Prof. Anke Huckriede, UMCG will be responsible for ethical questions around animal experiments. An ethics board comprising representatives of the different partners for ethics of clinical trials or animal experiments was established and serves as contact board for all issues regarding ethical questions. Bob Willfert provided assistance in preparation of the clinical trial protocols which will be submitted in due time. Approvals for animal experiments from the different partners were collected and filed and can be made available upon request.

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