WP7 - Dissemination - Work performed since the beginning of the project

The primary objective of WP7 is to maximize the scientific and social impact of the UNISEC project through coordination of knowledge dissemination to the relevant authorities, to peers in academia and industry, and to the public at large.

To this end a website was set up which holds an open access part for the general public and a secured part for information exchange among the UNISEC partners. The website offers free access to UNISEC publications, presentations, press releases and other products. A knowledge plan was drawn up as a basis for communication within the consortium and between the consortium and the EU, the scientific community and the different stakeholders involved in vaccine production and regulatory issues.

An important aspect of WP7 is providing information to the general public on UNISEC activities. This was achieved by a number of TV and radio interviews and a series of interviews with newspapers  UNISEC has been brought under the attention of the scientific community through publication in scientific journals and presentations at various national and international conferences.

Communication with international stakeholders like EMA, DG-Health, ECDC, WHO, BARDA etc. are becoming more and more frequent now the first generation of universal influenza vaccine candidates is developing towards the subsequent steps of registration, market approval and marketing. The UNISEC consortium is evolving towards becoming a public pipeline for influenza vaccine development and testing. In the coming period it will become clear if the consortium is able to develop further into an independent, and public funded comparative evaluation entity for influenza vaccines.

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